Campaign to change Medicare Laws to cover Surrogacy

I have just joined forces with some other amazing women. Together we are attempting to change the current outdated, unfair Medicare laws which exclude Medicare benefits when a surrogate is involved.

I urge you to have a look at this blog page and perhaps join our facebook page:!/groups/152075391616242/

Below is a link to this blog page:

Resources – letter templates and contacts for lobbying.

Whilst your there – help us out and send a letter to your local federal member and Tanya Plibersek the Minister for Health. Your assistance is much appreciated.

You may also wish to read the paper I wrote on the topic: Surrogacy Submission

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6 Responses to Campaign to change Medicare Laws to cover Surrogacy

  1. Sally says:

    We are also looking for a surrogacy lawyer, may I have your lawyer’s website? Where is she located? Is it cheaper if you drafted the agreement yourself then have a lawyer review it? Thanks!

    • makiely says:

      Hi sally – if you have a look under the tab useful information – you will see the contact details for my lawyer. My lawyer allowed me to write my own agreement and charged me less to just review it and provide the required legal advice. However many other lawyers will not allow you to write your own agreement and inist they write it and charge you a mint for it. If your in Qld, I recommend Kate.

  2. We have a petition for IVF being covered by insurance for North Carolina. It’s sad how it’s such a double standard! Good luck with your journey!!

  3. Irina Vodar says:

    Hi, nice to see you taking action. I would love to be a part of the group, but since it’s closed, I suppose I need an invitation. I’m a filmmaker working on a documentary about infertility based on my own story. I too am propelled to make a difference in the indifferent world. is my recent post. You can show support here
    The site is Comments welcome.

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