2 Week Wait is on!

Our blastocyst - day 5

Our blastocyst – day 5

This is our gorgeous little 5 day blasty! Apparently its perfect! And he/she (ok I’ll just go with he, given Michael’s hoping for a boy but I think its another girl) is now snuggly tucked into Chloe’s uterus.

We are also very blessed to have another just as perfect blasty in the freezer, in the unlikely event this little man doesn’t result in a beautiful baby.

Poor Chole was very nervous today. She feels like its all up to her this point forward. I can understand how she must feel, but I also said to her its up to the embryo what it decides to do. Regardless I know she must feel a lot of pressure right now.

I got to be in the room whilst they put our little emby in Chloe. Its done by ultrasound, so we got to see the very tiny little embryo be placed into Chloe’s uterus. To help the embryo along, they hatched the embryo prior to transfer and also used embryo glue to help keep it in place. Pretty amazing hey? How thing took only a few minutes.

Whilst we were in the waiting room Matt put a post on facebook saying he was at home whilst Chloe was out getting pregnant. Pretty funny I thought – got some interesting responds – one saying thats the weirdest update I’ve ever seen. Don’t think they had any idea what was going on.

I felt so amazing after the transfer – like wow were on – this could really be it – we could have a bubba soon. I was so excited, rambling all the way home to Chloe about materntiy clothes, maternity bras, morning sickness, how she carries, baby weight, newborns, sleeping through – just so excited!!!

So now we have what they call in IVF land the 2 WW – this means waiting for 2 weeks to have the offical blood test to see if Chloe is pregnant. So on 15 February we will know if she is UTD (up the duff in IVF land). Anothe test will be done on 18 February and if still positive we will have a check up that afternoon.

However, Chloe and I are going to try a home pregnancy test on the weekend. Apprantly these should pick up the pregnancy around 5 days after a blasty transfer. It could be negative but still pregnant, if this is the case we will just try again the next day or so.

So today we are 2 weeks and 5 days pregnant (weird hey – they take the commencement from your last period which is why its 2.5 wks and not just 5 days) – I know it might not last and we are far from announcing that we are expecting – but its still very exciting and I am very hopeful that this is our year.

Thank you Chloe for taking care of our little munchkin – I know you will everything you can to take good care of him. So excited!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to 2 Week Wait is on!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh the 2WW, feels like the longest, slowest 2 weeks ever. I was always advised not to do home pregnancy tests as all the hormones could produce a false positive, not sure if it is different in the case of a surrogate. (I managed to hold out with my first, but not my second). I am so praying that you get the BFP that you so long for and deserve 🙂

  2. Please have a look at my blog I am currently going through my first cycle of IVF with ICSI


    Best of Luck with everything,

  3. lenette says:

    just ammazing news, chloe and her husband are truely wonderful people, good luck my lissy and michael, can’t wait for the next saga in lissy’s life love you xx

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is so exciting! I am always so excited to read your posts because you have such an amazing enthusiasm and I am so pulling for you all! My hubby and I are in the middle of a TWW right now too and it is SO HARD. So I’ll cross my fingers for both of us!!

  5. Arwen Rose says:

    Whoo hoo!A PUPO Surro! 😉 Here’s hoping for a nice BFP in a week!
    That FB staus your Surro’s hubs posted is amazing!

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