Just a quick post from me as I know lots of people are wondering how we went today with egg pick up.

Today started with lots of well wishers. One of them that was particularly relevant was from a very old friend telling me she was currently 12 wks pregnant after only getting 4 eggs at epu and only 3 fertilising. I was happy to hear this as it was proof that you only need one egg. Little did I know how relevant this message would be.

The procedure itself is very simple and relatively pain free. I walked into the theatre at 1205pm and woke up at 1235pm, so very quick.

When I woke up I asked the nurse if I got 4 eggs. I’m not sure why I asked this? Did I over hear it? Did someone tell me whilst in theatre? Maybe I just dreamt it? Maybe I was thinking about my friends earlier message? The nurse said she didn’t know.

I got back to the clinic at 230pm and had to wait for Michael for the news. Yep you guessed it- 4 eggs. If I’m honest I have to say I’m very disappointed. There’s alot riding on these 4 precious eggs.

In case your not aware, not all eggs fertilise and not all embryos make it to transfer back to the uterus and not all embryos in the uterus become pregnancies and not all pregnancies become babies. So whilst you only need to one egg to become a baby, it’s nice to have a few back ups just in case.

But regardless one of these 4 eggs might become the newest addition to the Delaware family, so we are hopeful. Myla came about pretty easily so there’s no reason one of these little eggs shouldn’t become a little tearaway too.

Michael gave another sperm donation to fertilise the eggs whilst I was in theatre. This afternoon the lab people will have chosen the best sperm to inject directly into the eggs. We will know tomorrow if the eggs fertilised.

Anyway physically I’m feeling pretty good. My tummy is majorly swollen and I have a few sharp pains. I’m on painkillers though and feel pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m taking Chloe for another scan to check on her uterus. Hopefully her uterus is coming along nicely and there’s a nice embryo to transfer to her on Monday.

So fingers crossed my eggs are being fertilised as we speak.

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3 Responses to EPU

  1. Kate says:

    Will be thinking of you all, x

  2. These next few days, as your little embryos go through the huge leaps forward into life, I will keep your dreams close to my heart and hope that it helps. XX Tereasa

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