All Systems GO

Well its all happening now!

I had another scan this morning to check my follicles. I now have 10 good sized follicles ready for retrieval next Wednesday 30 January 2013. Dr Sterling estimates we should get 8 quality eggs from the follicles.

Chloe also had a scan today and Dr Sterling said her uterus lining is coming along well.

So we have now booked in egg retrieval for next Wednesday at 12pm. So I have 4 more night of injections and then on Monday at midnight I have give myself the trigger shot. My understanding is that this is a huge shot of HCG which helps detach the eggs from the follicles or the follicles from the ovaries – something like that!!

Chloe will then have another scan on Thursday 31 January to check how her uterus is going. If all is well and we have one good quality embryo, Dr Sterling will implant an embryo into Chloe on Monday 4 February.

I am really excited about the prospects of Chloe becoming pregnant – but all these negative emotions are starting to come up for me. I am assuming a lot of it’s got to do with the high level of hormone drugs I’m on.

I started crying when Dr Sterling said he will do egg retrieval next Wednesday. I’m not sure why, but I had this wave of feeling that this is not going to work, that we won’t get enough eggs out, or we won’t get enough good embryos or we will only get one and Chloe won’t get pregnant and we have no back up etc etc. I guess up to this point there has been so much hope. But soon its all about to become a reality either we will have a baby or we will know that we won’t have a baby.

Chloe has been such a trooper through all this. Taking her medications, having scans, doctor appointments etc. We’re so lucky to have her. Surprisingly to me, she is excited about transfer. She is actually excited about being pregnant, for Michael and I – not for herself. So amazing! I will never fully understand why women like her do this for couples like us, but I will always be forever grateful for her putting herself through this for us – regardless of what happens.

So for now I got to get through the next few days of hormone injections, stay on top of the emotions and most importantly stay positive.

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One Response to All Systems GO

  1. lenette says:

    baby girl, stop being so neg and think pos, this is your time to shine and i fully believe it is going to happen for you, i am praying for you and if anyone deserves it it is you my baby girl, good luck , love you dearly xxxx

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