IVF Update

So I have now been on my stimulation injections for a week now and so far so good.

The Gonal F in the pen form is simple, just glides into my belly, doesn’t hurt a bit. The Orgalutran is in a syringe format. It was pretty scary the first time. Unlike the pen, you got to give it a good push to go in. But funnily enough it does not hurt either. I can’t watch either of them go in though. I kinda line the needle up, turn away, push it in and then turn back and inject the medication.

So far I have not had any real side effects. I do think I am a little more tired than usual and my tummy is very bloated and a little tender now but nothing too major. I’m also going through some pretty full on mood swings. At times I feel so down and depressed, and feel like I could cry my eyes out at the drop of a hat. But other times I feel ok.

Poor Chloe has been getting headaches from the Oestrogen pills. Makes you feel so guilty when you know someone is unwell due to taking medication so you can have a baby. I have been feeling terrible about it. I suppose I really need to toughen up, as she is likely to have many more occasions of not feeling well in the next 9 months or so.

Michael had his sperm analysis yesterday afternoon. Probably should not say too much about this or Michael will probably kill me!!! I received the results today and Michael’s sperm did come back below average on many counts, but overall it is still of a good quality. It does not matter too much as they are going to do ICSI, which is where they choose the best sperm and inject it direct into the egg to fertilise.

This morning I had my first scan to check how my ovaries are doing. On the right side I had 5 follicles all between 8-14mm. On the left I have 2 follicles between 8-11mm. They like the follicles to be around 17-20mm. Unfortunately the follicle that is 14mm will probably mature sooner than the others and therefore will probably go to waste.

My dosage has been increased and I have another scan booked for Friday to see how they are going. At this stage its likely I will have egg pick up next Wednesday or Friday, depending how the follicles grow. Hopefully we will get a lovely embryo and it will be transferred to Chloe the following week.

Chloe also has a scan on Friday to see how her uterus is coming along.

So for now I just continue to stick myself with needles. I am a little nervous to see what this increased dosage does to me. I’m currently on 300, so 450 is a pretty big increase!!

On top of everything, there is a lot of change going on at work, we are very busy and I still don’t know what my role will be (if I have one) going forward and here I am taking time off for IVF. But at the end of the day – I don’t care – this is so important to me right now and I am not going to do anything to jeopardise success. I’m so lucky I work with such wonderful, supportive girls that I know have my back!

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One Response to IVF Update

  1. Summer Stevenson says:

    How exciting..Glad to hear everything is progressing along. I remember being freaked out by the injections too. Actually it was quite funny I was too scared and I was just sitting there swaying it back and forward and got distracted by Tim and stabbed myself which was funny and lightened the mood for both of us. We did ICSI as well. I got a total of 5 eggs and only one didnt make it in the blastocyst stage. The bloating is terrible but be careful which Im sure you have already been educated about Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. I got very sick from this and was admitted to hospital for a couple of nights. but this happen after my transfer with the reason being i was pregnant (not knowing yet) and my body was producing my own HCG but i was also injecting which was overload.. something like that anyway . It only occurs in a small percentage of woman but of course that was me. Good luck and hope you get some nice strong embyro’s to make that special journey to come x

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