We started IVF!!

OMG just gave myself my first injection!!! Woo hoo that’s right I have now officially started IVF.

What a week hey – things have really got moving this week.

So on Saturday night Chloe, Matt, Michael and I all went out for dinner to celebrate the finishing of the red tape and the commencement of baby making – little did we know how soon it would kick off. Michael and I had a great night. We feel like Chloe and Matt are old friends of ours. Lots of stories, laughs etc. Of course endless discussion about our kids – that’s what parents do when they are away from their kids – talk about kids!! Not a lot of talk about surrogacy actually. Its good to know that we can have such a nice friendship with them now and hopefully for many years to come.

Then yesterday Chloe, Michael and I had an appointment with the clinic. We met Steph our new IVF nurse. She is awesome!! So sweet and very friendly – just what you need doing surrogacy. So she explained the process of all the drugs etc – totally mind-boggling – I was completely overwhelmed. She might as well have been speaking a foreign language.

But anyway what I did get from it – was I have to take an injection each night for 5 nights to start my ovaries making follicles, which contain eggs. Usually we have 1 egg per cycle, but in IVF they try to get lots. Then for a further 3 nights I add another injection, which prevents ovulation.

Steph showed us how to use the injections. The main one comes in a pen, like what diabetics have. I thought oh yeah easy – but when I saw the needle it was so long I was like SHIT!!!! Do I really want a baby – yes – ok so get over it! Then she showed us the next needle; this is an actual syringe and apparently hurts a little. This kinda freaked me out more – an actual syringe. This is going to be interesting.

After all this I have a scan to see how the follicles are going and if all is good, I then have a trigger injection of HCG which helps the follicles detach from the ovaries. Then exactly 36 hours later I have egg pick up. For egg pick up, they put you asleep and drain out the eggs from the follicles. They reckon 8-10 eggs is a good number.

While I’m in egg pick up, Michael does his business and provides the sperm for the eggs. The eggs get fertilised straight away – and hey presto – hopefully we have lots of embryos.

They grow the embryos in the lab for 5 days. Apparently embryos die off each day, but a good number is 3-4 embryos at day 5. Then they choose one to transfer into Chloe.

Pretty exciting stuff. But yes if you have done the maths that means we could be pregnant in about 2-3 weeks. Well they don’t actually confirm pregnancy until 2 weeks after transfer.

For Chloe she stops taking the pill tomorrow and starts on Estrogen – to help her uterus thicken up ready for the embryo. She is having a scan in 10 days, to see how the uterus lining is going.

Not to leave Michael out – he’s got his own appointment next Tuesday to give a sample of sperm. Just to check it out and make sure they are in good working order. Can’t wait to hear how his appointment goes!!! He’s dreading it.

Before we got the go ahead on the drugs, I had another appointment today to have a scan on my ovaries. What a fright that was. So I have my appointment with the scanographer. She’s looking and looking, says “are you sure they left your ovaries”, I’m like “ahhh that’s what they told me”. At this point I’m freaking. So she says you better come back and see the Doctor this afternoon.

So this afternoon I go back and see Dr Sterling. He couldn’t find my ovaries either. But he told me that sometimes during a hysterectomy they stitch them up high so they don’t fall down without the uterus there. So he does a stomach scan and immediately fines them – yah – thank god!!!

Oh funny story – when I see Dr Sterling he goes “so your Chloe’s surrogate?” I’m like “no, Chloe’s my surrogate”.

Anyway Dr Sterling says were good to start and I can start injections tonight.

I called Chloe straight away – she was like wow, so soon. I was a little worried that she was stating to get nervous about it all. But I texted her to see if she was all good and she said she was very excited about it – phew!

So tonight I gave myself my first ever injection. Everyone who has done it before assured me it was super easy, doesn’t hurt etc etc. But I was still pretty scared. Michael really wanted to help me do it. But I just wanted to do it. So when he was putting Myla do bed, I pulled it all out, read the instructions and jab – done. That easy. I seriously did not even feel the needle go in, the needle is so fine. Thank good for that!

Also here is a picture of the waiting room at Life. It is seriously like Qantas Club – know where our fees go. It has coffee machine, fridge full of a variety of soft drinks, poppers, sandwiches, and breakfast cereal, jugs of juice, cheese, crackers, biscuits, fruit and cake. They also have heaps of magazines (not those you get at the GPS, brand new ones from this month!!!) and even ipads with wifi!!

Waiting room at Life - fully stocked!

Waiting room at Life – fully stocked!

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3 Responses to We started IVF!!

  1. lenette says:

    well lissy, the needle was no probs,you’ll be an amature before long at it, so it will be just the run of the mill. everything will be fine, it is all the unknown, and unknown terrritory, it is an exciting new journey for you all, at the end a beautiful bundle of joy, don’t give in to fear, be positive and you can gain so much. love you brave girl xxxx

  2. Congratulations and good luck. X

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