Surrogacy Agreement Signed – Yipee!!!!

Just a quick one from me – very exciting news today – Chloe and Matt signed the surrogacy agreement. This means we have now completed all the requirements to start making our little baby!!!

Chloe and Matts appointment was at 10 am this morning – I was a bundle of nerves. Always the pessimist – I thought there’s going to be something wrong with the agreement, something their lawyer does not like. I was like a father outside the delivery room waiting for the news of the baby.

At 10.59am I get a text from Chloe “yay its all done and signed!!”. I was so happy, it was the best news I heard in a long time. At the time I was chatting with my work colleagues Claire and Lisa and then I was like OMG!!!! I was so happy, I felt like I was going to cry from happiness (I didn’t!!). There were hugs all round and even a visit from Emma from a few pods down. She heard the excitement and put two and two together.

Someone said – “what are you going to be like when she is pregnant!” – I know, I mean look how excited I got from a signed document!!! But it’s just such an important milestone in this journey. There is so much red tape to be done just to start the IVF process. When we started I just felt like the IVF was a million miles away. Now its here – I am so happy.

Believe me I know I got a long way to go yet, but I just feel like a big chunk of the process is done.

So we have an appointment with the fertility clinic next Tuesday. Our nurse from the clinic called this morning to confirm the appointment and to remind me that the first payment of a hefty $13,000 is due Tuesday. Oh well the price we pay to complete our family.

So now we exit the world of legals, lawyers and paperwork and enter the world of drugs, injections, scans, blood tests and lotsa medical terms I have no idea how to pronounce, let alone what they mean.

Thank yous

Also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported Michael and I to get to this point. A real big special thanks to my work colleagues Claire, Natalie, Crystal and Sharon – they have had to hear about my surrogacy ups and downs on a daily basis for months and months now. I’m a talker and they are all great supportive listeners. I am so glad to have such amazing work mates and friends. Also Claire has helped me lots in writing the agreement. So thank you lovely ladies.

Also thank you to all the lovely strangers from all around the world that have joined my blog and offered lots of support. The world can really be a small place at times.

Thank you to my lovely surrogate group and online friends: Jen, Rachel, Karen, Annette, Arielle, Kate, Cassie, Kim, James – many who I have not met in person, but have been able to lean on when I feel like shit and also share my happiness too.

And thank you to all my friends who have offered support along the way and listen to me jabbering on and on about surrogacy.

Lastly the biggest thank you goes to my gorgeous amazing surrogate Chloe. Wow I just welled up with tears!! (LOL). I am so thankful for the amazing gift you have agreed to offer Michael and I. I don’t think you realise the difference you are making to our lives and the restored faith in humanity you have given me. We were strangers a few months ago but now I feel we are extended family. Can’t wait to grow closer to your family – even if Matt doesn’t want any more friends!!

Listen to me anyone would have thought we had a baby!!! A baby is a long way off yet. But I am just feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude right now. This is a bit like my online journal and I want to capture how I feel right now. So yeah I know I am a bit over the top!!!

So Chloe, Matt and Michael lets have some drinks Saturday night to celebrate our success so far. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Surrogacy Agreement Signed – Yipee!!!!

  1. Congratulations!!!!!
    Just to let you know, I nominated you for the Liebster Award… take a look 🙂

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